Mechanical Services

Yes cars have changed so much over the years but the basics remain the same. A typical week for a mechanic at our Rosebery automotive workshop would consist of the following. 


Car Service with or without a logbook usually consists of checking over the whole vehicle including testing battery, engine and gearbox mounts, steering rack & wheel bearing free play or noise, we grease steering stops and grease greasing nipples where fitted on universal joints, tail shafts and suspension of 4WD light trucks and vans. We check and top up or change the levels such as engine coolant, washer fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, transmission & differential fluids, transfer case & gearbox oils.

Our car mechanics check electrical systems, cooling systems and air conditioning systems. 

We always check soot levels in Diesel Particulate Filters or DPF so you know if you need to hit the freeway to regenerate the DPF and avoid costly problems. We also clean the DPF when blocked and re adapt the engine computer where required.

We check drive belts, listen for noisy pulleys & bearings, check brake pads, rotors, drum shoe lining for thickness & wheel cylinders for leaks. We adjust the handbrake, check the entire drive train, suspension, lights, headlight alignment & tyre wear and pressures.

We enjoy doing the small things that make a difference like lubricating hinges & locks, sometimes lubricating window channels with silicone, tightening suspension where required. The list goes on!

We like to note what we do in the logbook and on our system so things are not replaced unnecessarily by other workshops.

We go the extra mile with an attention to detail only years of experience can bring. 

Engine oil and filter are replaced. Sometimes the air and fuel filters require replacement. At certain intervals we would replace the brake fluid, coolant, cabin air conditioning pollen filters, spark plugs, diesel separator filters, and manual transmission oils, differential, haldex, automatic transmission oils & internal & external filters such as on the DCT & DSG gearboxes on VW Audi & Skoda vehicles.  

At specified intervals on certain vehicles the timing belt or camshaft drive belt requires replacement. This is usually done in a kit type replacement with tensioners, idler pulleys and oil seals if required being replaced all together. If the water pump is driven by the timing belt or cambelt we replace that too. Using genuine or OEM parts. Some cars now have electric water pumps and electric thermostats. These also fail and leak just like the old school ones. 



For intermittent faults, our mechanics can quickly scan and clear faults while you wait and then get you to take vehicle away so we can reconfirm the codes if they appear again. 

For permanent faults that appear constantly we can help you understand what the issue is and we will try eliminate any other factors contributing to the fault. As sometimes the fault the cars computer records may be caused by something else. Simply changing a sensor might not be the fix!

Airbags do fail, connectors get damaged. Seat sensors malfunction. ABS modules fail as well. But more commonly its a wheel speed sensor or brake switch. We can help resolve relay faults, fuel pump faults, and ignition coil pack, ignition lead faults and failures.


When required our mechanics replace brake pads, wear sensors and disc rotors, sometimes the rotors or drums are machined if the minimum thickness allows, this is more common on cars such as Toyota, Mazda & Subaru. If below minimum thickness, warped severely, or towing a heavy load they are sometimes replaced. On European vehicles they are more than likely replaced. This is because they are soft and wear heavily. This is common on Mercedes, Audi, VW, Peugeot, BMW, Jaguar & Range Rover. 

We wind back pistons with care and don’t damage rubbers. We lubricate guide pins and slides. We also work on electric park brakes and have the latest software to suit your vehicle. When it comes to drum brake linings or shoes we have the experience to do the job right. We clean and adjust handbrake shoes when serviceable and check wheel cylinders for leaks. We have the experience in car repairs to do the job right!


After years of potholes, roundabouts and tight Sydney City turns its common for suspension & steering components to wear out. Sometimes quite early on in the case control arm bushes of BMW 3 series, 5 series, x series, Mercedes C class, E class, M class. Toyota Kluger, Prado, Camry, Lexus RX300, RX350 Audi A4 Q5 A5, VW Passat, Bora & Golf.

Its usually the European cars that suffer the control arm failures, but we do see the odd Subaru & Nissan & many Toyotas, not the little Yaris or Corolla but the heavier Kluger’s, Tarago’s, Camry & Aurion’s.

Cars that travel on the freeway are less likely to wear out suspension components than their city counterparts, nevertheless sometimes a shock absorber will simply leak, or a sway bar link pin may wear and rattle. Castor bushes do a heavy duty job and when they fail the vehicle thuds, wanders, and wears tyres out fast. 

Typical day to day suspension work we perform include shock absorber replacement, control arm, castor arm, upper suspension arm replacement, strut top bearing mounts, sway bar bushes, link pins & connections. Steering rack bushes wear out too on some vehicles usually the heavier ones, inner rack ends outer tie rod ends and wheel bearings become noisy. 

Finally drive shaft boots also known as CV boots (constant velocity) crack and tear throwing grease everywhere and eventually knocking or clicking on turns. This is common on Audi, Subaru, Toyota, Nissan, Renault & Mazda. Rubber driveshaft couplings such as on driveshafts of rear wheel drive Alfa Romeos, BMW & Mercedes are to be expected over the 130000km mark.


We fit parking light, indicator tail light & stop light, headlight globes. Xenon HID LED. DS3, H7, H1, H3, HB3, HB4, interior courtesy lamp and map light globes. We test and replace faulty headlight ballast modules. We fit windscreen wipers, tail light & headlight lenses and where required diagnose bad connectors and broken wires, bad earths and connections. We can replace blown fuses, We supply and fit car batteries, on japanese and european vehicles. 

We can test your car battery and charge it if there’s a problem, or even better before you break down! We source and stock Flooded acid batteries, sealed batteries, VRLA batteries, Absorbed glass matt AGM batteries that are common in Mazda, Subaru, Ford, GM, Holden, Mercedes, BMW, AUDI VW cars, with start stop technology, we can source gel cell batteries if required. 


We also offer tyres & wheel alignment service. We offer a tyre rotation service and static and dynamic wheel balance service. From value for money brands such as Goodyear, Hankook & Toyo to more expensive high performance tyres from Yokohama, Michelin & Pirelli. We supply & fit run flat tyres for BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW and light commercial tyres for 4WD, Ranger, Hilux, Sprinter, Transporter etc!