Settling in to workshop in Rosebery

Its been part the same as Surry Hills workshop and part all new. Coming into a new area we are doing our best to meet the locals and going above and beyond which we always did anyway but what is new is handing out flyers to introduce ourselves and not knowing everyone’s name like we used to in Bourke Street workshop. We have 3 hoists now and will soon be offering wheel alignment the wheel alignment hoist and machine is taking forever to arrive!

We are still using Valvoline oil as we know they meet the specifications of Mercedes VW Audi Mazda BMW Ford Toyota. Of course there are many different engine transmission gear oils we hold in stock. We now do Blue slip inspections, defect clearance and vehicle identity checks. Thats a new thing!

Valvoline Quality Oils

There is definitely more people in Rosebery and many of them are university students. We are doing our best to become known as trustworthy and reliable mechanics in Rosebery. And are still learning about all the surrounding suburbs such as Zetland, Mascot, Waterloo & Beaconsfield. Surry Hills was like a bubble. Here its much more city like with Botany Road bustling away and a variety of local businesses and new apartment complexes.

Loving all the different services and repairs on different cars. Always something new and that’s why we always have worked on all makes and models. We just never know what will come in next! It could be a super luxury car or a historical classic!

Ford Falcon XW GT

Despite the bulk of cars coming in being European such as VW Audi BMW Mercedes and Skoda for service usually logbook factory type oil changes, filters and brake pads. We often service and repair utes such as Hilux, Triton, Amarok, Navara and the likes. Vans such as Iveco, Renault Master & even some new chinese cars & utes such as Foton & LDV.

We of course have been getting unexpected jobs such as timing belt failures, electrical failures, window regulator repairs and crazy computer errors and immobiliser faults too. We have honestly been taken aback by the condition and state of disrepair of many of the vehicles in the area.

Timing Belt Water Pump Replacement

There have been exploding tyres and parts falling off cars, cracked suspension components, lots of mis installed brake calipers and twisted brake lines. Lots of loose battery terminals causing all sorts of electrical failures, broken drive belts and even loose wheels!

Its either mechanics are doing bad work or people are working on their cars at home. Or both! Either way the cars are not always in good shape. Many cars have the wrong size tyres on them, globes inserted the wrong way around, engine mounts left loose, wheel bearings over tightened causing them to disintegrate, loose water hoses, sheared and stripped bolts on belt tensioners. Its never ending!

Exploding Tyre

We have done several pre purchase inspections on used cars already and its payed off handsomely for the buyers as they are then making an informed used car purchase. And are always happy to give advice when you need to buy a used car over the phone.

Pre purchase inspections pink slips blue slips

There are certain cars certain people should just not consider. For example you do not want to be buying a diesel engine to do short trips in. You do not want to be buying certain models with DSG transmission issues such as the Ford Focus & Fiesta. Some CVT transmissions like the earlier Honda Jazz are unreliable. When buying a used car always consider your driving habits, where its parked, insurance costs and reliability issues.

Anyway thats us for now. Feel free to call email or pop into 727 Botany Road Rosebery if you have any questions or need advice. We are cheap, honest, experienced trustworthy and do care!

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