Smooth Start

Of course there have been teething issues but overall its been a smooth start. Seeing some familiar faces and having friends pop in to say G’day and everyone showing their support and positivity had us slightly overwhelmed today. Im really grateful for this and am taken aback slightly!

Today we got our tyre and wheel balance machines working and fitted some tyres which was exciting as its been a dream of mine. The old workshop didn’t have the space for this. I always thought a complete car service would include tyres and would often arrange it but now i dont need to rely on anyone else and have better control over the pricing and its far more efficient and timely under 1 roof.

I forgot how much i enjoy having different makes and models coming in and in the last few days we have had Audi, Kia, Subaru, BMW, Mitsubishi, Alfa Romeo, Toyota, Hyundai, and some others. Certainly keeps us on our toes and its what we are used to! So we did car service, logbook service, brake pads, drive shafts, control arm bushes, tie rod ends, globes, wipers, e-safety checks. Ive been reminded very quickly this job has us doing many different tasks from Air bag faults to coolant flushes often minutes apart! But we very much love it!

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