All makes & models car mechanics service & repairs Rosebery.

All makes & models car mechanics service & repairs Rosebery.

Never a dull moment when working on different makes and models from Audi to Hyundai Toyota Alfa Romeo Porsche & Lexus. Its quite exciting not knowing what car will be next through the door. In the transition from the workshop in Surry Hills to our new workshop in Rosebery i almost forgot how much i enjoy the variety.

Alfa Romeo 156 Driveshafts Timing Belt Exhaust upgrade
Hyundai i30 & i20 service great cars!

This week we had a 2017 Foton Tunland for service and it had a 2.8 litre Cummins diesel engine in it. The low price tag definitely shows immediately and these utes though robust in structure seem quite fickle with maintenance items and i would not recommend extended service intervals on them at all!

We had a E36 BMW 318i with a blown radiator and blocked engine breather which caused it to leak oil everywhere. This was overlooked by last mechanics and these oil leaks were so severe customer wanted to throw the car away! No need for that now! We also had a BMW X3 for a radiator fan fault and a BMW 330i for logbook service.

The common array of Toyota Hilux Corolla Rav 4 and Camry remind us how reliable these Toyotas are. The Hybrid Toyota Prius is a marvel of reliability. Nevertheless the larger toyotas tend to be heavy on brake pads and brake shoes and require occasional replacement of these items.

This is especially true on the Toyota Taragos & Lexus RX330 and RX330 Kluger & Prado. They wear out lower control arm bushes too. Causing wandering and heavy tyre wear. Oh and engine mounts are a weakness on Camry Kluger Tarago Aurion & Corolla. Less so on the Corolla…

Lower Control Arm Bushes

Love the Mazda 3 Skyactive Mazda 2 Mazda CX3 as they are great to drive reliable and efficient. The CX7 and CX9 are heavier and have alot more reliability issues like tailshaft drive shaft vibrations, oil leaks and failing engine mounts.

Mazda 3 Service.

Honda have always been a favourite of mine. They drive great are safe and look good for years to come. But Engine mounts are common on CRV and some Vtec engines use alot of oil. But if you service your Honda on time it will be a car that outlasts many European cars. They hold their resale value well too!

Subaru are one of my favorite and we do a lot of Subaru service and repairs on WRX XV Outback Impreza & Liberty & Forestor. The new FA20 direct injection engines are reliable but beware of the diesel boxer make sure it gets its longer trips on freeway so it can regenerate its DPF!

Kia Carnival Service
Subaru WRX STi & Liberty head to head. Same DNA awesome cars!

We had a few glamors in like a Porsche Cayenne Peugeot 407 Diesel and Volvo XC 70 & an older Volvo 850R for brake pads discs and a vacuum leak.

Peugeot 407 Diesel
Peugeot Convertible
Porsche Cayenne Service
Porsche Service
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