We are all in this together.

Interesting & sad times we are in with Covid 19 making us all reflect on our lives in a way we never have before. With most of us impacted financially, socially & mentally from changes brought upon us so suddenly these are certainly difficult times to say the least.

We are doing our best at the workshop to help people out in even the smallest ways to help prevent mechanical breakdowns. We are seeing many engines overheating, running out of oil, drivers being defected for bald tyres and fines for lapse in registration renewals.

We always stage repairs explain every detail and never change parts unnecessarily. We might cut our prices to cheap on paper but the workmanship is as good as good can get. Seeing people being ripped off whilst their is a crisis like Covid 19 is shocking. Many customers are coming in from dealers and other workshops as they are now aware of who is trying to take advantage of them, and who is honest.

Feel free to come in for a free safety inspection, levels check or even to inflate your tyres, i mean we will do it for you, lol. Police have been defecting blown globes as well which has surprised us as its usually German cars that warn the driver of blown globes. Along with a few Hondas. But for all you Toyota, Mazda, Subaru, Nissan & Suzuki owners you have to check the lights occasionally.

Engine oil changes can be very cost effective compared to running out of engine oil once again many Japanese cars only light up the oil pressure lamp when the oil has run out. By then it can often be too late. Makes such as BMW AUDI Mercedes Benz & Volkswagen will warn the driver of a low engine oil condition with some German cars even stating the quantity of oil required by the engine. You might be able to push back a car service by months but only if oil levels are checked, tyres inflates etc.

With logbook services as cheap as $150 on some smaller cars such as Toyota Yaris, Kia Rio, Suzuki swift and the likes its easy to prevent engine damage and keep your car on the road for 6 months to 1 year. This would include oil filter cleaning the air filter rotating tyres and a full safety inspection. Tyre pressures are often neglected and low causing heavy wear. Not rotating the tyres where possible also causes the tyres to wear out faster than you can imagine. Especially on heavy front wheel drive vehicles such as Toyota Kluger, Hyundai Santa Fe, Honda CRV & Kia Carnival these are just a few examples of non 4WD vehicles that wear front tyres out well before their time.

So check your levels, lights, tyres or drop by your local mechanic or our workshop in Rosebery. We are very close to Alexandria, Zetland, Waterloo, Kensington, Beaconsfield & Erskinville.

We would like to thank our customers for their ongoing support and wish you all well.

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